Jul 17, 2013

All About the H20!

Our Three Little Fish!

They may get pruned but they don't ever get water-logged!

Jul 10, 2013

4th of July 2013

 We spent the morning at a neighborhood bike parade and then ventured off on to a long bike ride around our community. After that, we barbecued, played some hoops, had some friends over and then walked over to the top of our community park hill and were able to watch fireworks. We saw five different spectacles! What a show!!!

Summertimes Slides and Waves

 We call Kelly "Gidget" for a reason...we can't get her out of the water! She loves the water!!!
 Boogie Boarding!!!
 Here we are at Sea World's new Aquatica Water Park. We took the kiddos as a surprise one day after I won tickets as the 9th caller on a radio station. What a blast!!!
Can't get any cuter than these little beach babes!

The Pritchett Girls - On the Fly Photo Shoot

On an early morning before the work day started, the girls came in to the office with me to check out our green screen. We did a little photo shoot together on the fly. Fun stuff!

Ready for the Races

We may have spent a day at the Del Mar Fair this summer, but these girls are really ready for a day at Daybreak at Del Mar. Can't wait to head out to the track in the dew of the morning on the weekends during race season that opens on July 17th!

Dec 8, 2012

San Diego Botanical Gardens

This place is awesome!  I grew up just a couple miles from here and I am so glad I can bring the girls here to experience such beauty and fun!

Red Shoe Day Celebrations

The girls had a blast celebrating how incredible the Children's Hospital is to all those little girls and boys who benefit from them.  We were able to play a special part in the Red Shoe Day Celebration and I am now on the Board for the 2013 Red Shoe Day!  Can't wait to be part of the joy!

First Sleepover

The girls had their best buddies for a sleepover.  What fun they had!  So thankful for dear friends.

Hilton Head Island 2013

 We had such wonderful adventures! 

And the fun begins!!!

Beach time fun for Summer 2012